Top 4 digital trends in the retail industry this year

It is expected that there will be some major trends in the online retail industry this year. It is expected to be a successful year for the e-commerce industry. Retailers will use various technologies and apps to drive their sales. Here are the biggest trends you can expect this year.

1. Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is growing. People are shopping using their mobiles and tablets. Apple Pay and Android Pay have improved their check-out process. PayPal is earning huge money in mobile payments. People are now spending a lot of time on their mobile. More retailers will implement mobile wallets. This will make the rewards programs simple and give the retailers the chance to interact with their customers.

2. Chatbots

It is a more real-time and personalized approach to customer engagement. It feels very authentic and human. Chatbots provide a very convenient way of customer interaction. Chatbots will offer customers personalized recommendations based on their search history and preferences.

3. Personalized retargeting

The rate of cart abandonment is very high. As people are now using mobile phones to purchase, their attention span has become shorter and so the rate of cart abandonment is even higher. Retailers are using various tools to deal with this problem. Retargeting is one thing they are using. Marketers are sending triggered cart abandonment emails to customers and are seeing positive results.

4. Virtual retail

Virtual reality is giving a more enhanced shopping experience to customers. It is now possible to use virtual dressing rooms to try out gears. Retailers are now adopting virtual reality and it will provide a great customer experience.

If you are in the online retail business, then you should keep track of these trends and adopt these in your own business. Your competitors are doing it and so you should do it too.