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Why You Need to Keep Outdoor Employees Sun Safe

Some industries do require their workers to spend their days outside in all sorts of weather. While your company may not be able to avoid having workers in the sun all day, you should be aware of the risks. That way, you can take measures to keep your people comfortable and healthy. You’ll improve productivity, reduce the risks of injuries and illnesses, and even save money in the end.

The Dangers Of Working In The Sun All Day

These are some of the primary dangers that workers may face when they spend their days outside in the hot sun:

* Dehydration: Obviously, the most pressing concern is keeping workers well hydrated. All workers need constant access to fresh water or other hydration drinks. They should also be educated to keep drinking even if they don’t feel thirsty and to know the signs of dehydration.

* Sun burns: People can get burnt when they are out in the sun all day in almost any kind of weather. Lightweight, protective clothing and sunscreen and help prevent sunburns and keep workers cooler.

* Skin cancer: Spending a lot of time in the sun does increase the risk of skin cancer. When workers need to spend their day in the sun, they need protective clothing and access to sunscreen to help reduce the risks.

* Eye damage: Constant sun exposure can increase the risk of developing cataracts. It can also increase the chance of getting even more serious eye problems. Consider offering employees quality eye wear, like UV sunglasses, to keep their eyes protected from UV rays.

How To Keep Your Outdoor Workers Safer

Of course, there are many things you can do to minimize the chance of sun-related illnesses and injuries. If possible, you might try to schedule outdoor work in the morning and late afternoon. If that’s not possible, you should make sure your people have access to the right sun gear, plenty of water, and restroom facilities. There should also be a place for them to cool off for breaks when they feel like they’re overheating and need a rest.

Most of all, it pays to educate your workers about the risks of working in the sun and how they can help you protect them. You can offer your workers lots of measures such as complimentary skin cancer check ups to help them stay safe in the sun, but if they don’t take advantage of those measures, nobody can benefit. You might ask your employees for their own feedback about ways that you can improve your job site. If workers understand that you are trying to help them and interested in their feedback, they will be more eager to cooperate.

By taking protective measures, you can help keep your employees healthier, happier, and more productive. Instead of looking at these sun safety measures as an extra cost, you can look at them as an investment. If you can reduce lost time and improve employee morale, you’re bound to lower turnover rates, improve employee productivity, and pay less for insurance. If your company gains a reputation as promoting a good work environment, you can also gain from positive press.